Shop Updates

Autumn Leaves

Mini Blythe with a Maple LeafWhen I first turned my calendar over to October, the leaves on the trees were still green. And for a few weeks after that, they stayed that way. However, the weather didn’t waste any time in changing and sent in lots of rain and wind storms. I began to worry that we wouldn’t get any fall color this year and instead, the leaves would just turn brown and fall off into gross, mushy piles on the ground. Which happens sometimes when you live in the pacific northwest. It’s so disappointing.

Oh, but what joy for the sunshine this week! Fall leaves are pretty, but they look even more amazing when the light shimmers through them. This is what the walk to the mailbox looks like now.  I couldn’t resist getting Blythe to pose with a maple leaf.

Mini Blythe tosses leaves in the park.And then I couldn’t resist posing Blythe with even more leaves.

Mini Blythe Enjoying a Cherry Tart

Finally, after all that fun, I brought Blythe inside to enjoy a cherry tart and a cup of hot chocolate. These Pumpkin, Apple & Cherry Tarts are also the new offering in the shop this week.  They’d work great for fall and also holiday displays. I really made myself hungry making these. I’m craving cinnamon and apples and I will have to go bake a real pie very soon.


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