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Too Much Candy / Christmas Update


Too Much Candy
They warned her not too eat too much. So she only ate one of each candy… But somehow that still didn’t work.

I hope this wasn’t anyone earlier this week! I didn’t have too much of a candy problem since we never buy any. Living somewhat rural means trick-or-treaters are few and far between. I did eat a baked apple with cinnamon though. Which is a good stop-gap when you’re craving an apple pie but don’t feel like making one.

Mini Blythe Looks at Christmas Decorations

Well, after Blythe had a rest and a few sips of tea, she began to think and realized that now that Halloween is over, Christmas is just that much closer. The others don’t think it’s quite time to put up the tree yet, so she’s contented herself to sift through the decoration boxes for now.

But that being said…

Holiday decorations and desserts are now available for purchase in the shop this week.  Orange Pomander decorations and holiday coconut cupcakes are just a few of the goodies I hope might bring some festive cheer to your dollhouse display.

Miniature Bowls of Christmas Candy

Bowls of assorted Christmas candy are also available! But Blythe would like to remind you that eating only one of each does not make your stomach hurt any less.

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