I have a broad range of interests including knitting, baking and computer programming, but miniatures have always had a special place in my heart. My first Etsy shop, Winky, opened around the end of 2006. I “debuted” on my mom’s blog, Turkey Feathers, and sold out of donut boxes faster than I could make them. It was exciting to learn I wasn’t the only one with a sweet tooth for tiny treats and that inspired me to create more miniatures. I enjoyed making and selling my creations for several years but eventually I needed to take a break.

After exploring many other creative endeavors, I’ve returned to miniatures and opened a brand new shop. I’m excited to strike out on my own and have many fun ideas for the future. I enjoy creating cute, happy things that capture the sweetness in life. So even if you’re just passing by, I hope you leave with at least a smile.

If you’d like to see more of my journey with miniatures or just more of the dollhouse bakery, please visit the Turkey Feathers Blog.