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A Tiny Tea in Springtime

With the weather warming, the mini Blythe friends decided to have a day out of doors to celebrate the coming of spring.

Miniature Spring Tea Party

Miniature Spring Tea Party

Miniature Spring Tea Party

Miniature Spring Tea

Even an unexpected visitor appeared to see what all the excitement was about.

Miniature Spring Tea Party: Unexpected Guest

This wild bunny, one of the many that hop free all over my yard, jumped out of the bushes just as I was taking a few test shots. I told him he was welcome to stay, but I guess he had other matters to attend for he scampered away down the hill a moment later.

Spring themed treats are available in the shop with many more to come.

Shop Updates

Shop Update – Chocolate Treats for Barbie

Miniature Chocolate Cupcakes for Barbie or Blythe

Three delicious chocolate cupcakes showered with sprinkles and topped with a pink heart. Comes with easy to carry, pink polka-dot box.

Miniature Chocolate Cupcakes for Barbie

Miniature Chocolate Cupcakes for Barbie or Blythe


Miniature Chocolate Cake Slices for Barbie or Blythe

4-layers of cascading chocolate cake topped with a dollop of whipped cream. Cake slices also come with easy to carry box.

Miniature Chocolate Cake for Barbie or Blythe

Miniature Chocolate Cake Slices for Barbie or Blythe

Yum yum!

Shop Updates

Shop Update – Cream Puffs & Valentine Treats

New items are added to the shop every Monday and Friday. Here are the new additions so far:

Cream puffs! Available in both 1/12 and 1/6 scale.

Miniature Cream Puffs & EclairsMiniature Cream Puffs & Eclairs Box for 1/12 Scale

Miniature Cream Puffs for Barbie or BlytheMiniature Cream Puffs & Eclair Box for Barbie or Blythe

A few sweet treats for Valentine’s Day:

Miniature Valentine TartsMiniature Box of Tarts for Valentine’s Day

Miniature Heart Cookies Barbie or Blythe, Valentine Heart Cookies for Barbie or Blythe, 1/6 Scale Dollhouse DessertsMiniature Heart Cookies for Barbie or Blythe


Also, you can still take 10% off your next order with the coupon code: HAPPY2018, good now thru January 31st.



Shop Updates

Winter Comforts

I awoke today to a very wet and dark sky. Which is pretty typical for Oregon. And like most days, I feel like I’m still asleep somewhere and only dreaming that I’m awake. I only snap out of it during ridiculous moments when I go and try to do something bizarre. Like going to water the Christmas tree by filling a mason jar with water, then opening the freezer door and proceeding to dump it in. It’s also surprising to find things in weird places, like cream cheese in the spice cabinet and having no recollection of how it got there but knowing that you’re the only one who uses it.

Don’t worry. I don’t drive. And things do improve after a cup of coffee.

Winter in the pacific northwest can be hard or in any place where it’s cold and dark for extended periods. Which is why I find myself looking for little, cozy comforts to help the winter pass. Bread is one of those. Hot, fresh loaves straight out of the oven. Or buttered toast and honey in a pinch. It was the inspiration for this miniature bread basket, which is the new addition to the shop this week.

Miniature Bread Basket

An assortment of crusty breads in a cute, little basket. It even comes with a pot of honey. The mini Blythe friends wasted no time settling into this snack.

Lots of new goodies are coming to the shop soon. I plan to update the shop every week, possibly twice a week on Mondays and Fridays.

Also, you can take 10% off your next order with the coupon code: HAPPY2018, good now thru January 31st.

Shop Updates

Christmas is coming…

Mini Blythe was excited to start decorating the dollhouse for Christmas. So excited that she wasn’t sure what to do first. Bake cookies? Wrap presents? Decorate the tree?

Decorating the Dollhouse for Christmas

She tried to do everything at once, but after getting tangled up in a garland and losing her shoe somewhere, her friend reminded her to slow down and savor the season. And also, have a peppermint stick.

There’s still a few¬† Christmas candy bowls and mugs of hot chocolate left in the shop. But if you plan on ordering for Christmas, try to do so by December 11 to ensure it arrives on time, as the mail can be slow during the busy holiday season.


Shop Updates

Holiday Sale 2017

Holiday Sale 10% off Nov 23th - 28th

10% off starting Nov 23th – Nov 28th in my Etsy shop.

Mini Blythe Thanksgiving

After having their turkey, the mini Blythe friends got right to the good stuff; pie and hot chocolate!

Hope everyone has a nice holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!

Shop Updates

Lots of Sprinkles

Mini Blythe was busy in the kitchen having an adventure this week. Maybe she cut them out a little too big or perhaps added too much yeast, but these donuts grew to be a bit larger than she’d expected. But when in doubt, just add sprinkles and that seems to sort things out.

Mini Blythe making donuts

However, these donuts would probably suit her larger cousin much better; who is also the newest member of our doll family!

Blythe with a Box of Donuts

She’s an Icy Blythe, or something of that sort. I admit I’m not well versed when it comes to the world of Blythe. All I know is that she’s very cute and I love her pink hair.

This box of donuts would also work well for Barbie and is one of the new additions to the shop this week along with doughnut magnets.