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Lots of Sprinkles

Mini Blythe was busy in the kitchen having an adventure this week. Maybe she cut them out a little too big or perhaps added too much yeast, but these donuts grew to be a bit larger than she’d expected. But when in doubt, just add sprinkles and that seems to sort things out.

Mini Blythe making donuts

However, these donuts would probably suit her larger cousin much better; who is also the newest member of our doll family!

Blythe with a Box of Donuts

She’s an Icy Blythe, or something of that sort. I admit I’m not well versed when it comes to the world of Blythe. All I know is that she’s very cute and I love her pink hair.

This box of donuts would also work well for Barbie and is one of the new additions to the shop this week along with doughnut magnets.


Shop Updates

Too Much Candy / Christmas Update


Too Much Candy
They warned her not too eat too much. So she only ate one of each candy… But somehow that still didn’t work.

I hope this wasn’t anyone earlier this week! I didn’t have too much of a candy problem since we never buy any. Living somewhat rural means trick-or-treaters are few and far between. I did eat a baked apple with cinnamon though. Which is a good stop-gap when you’re craving an apple pie but don’t feel like making one.

Mini Blythe Looks at Christmas Decorations

Well, after Blythe had a rest and a few sips of tea, she began to think and realized that now that Halloween is over, Christmas is just that much closer. The others don’t think it’s quite time to put up the tree yet, so she’s contented herself to sift through the decoration boxes for now.

But that being said…

Holiday decorations and desserts are now available for purchase in the shop this week.  Orange Pomander decorations and holiday coconut cupcakes are just a few of the goodies I hope might bring some festive cheer to your dollhouse display.

Miniature Bowls of Christmas Candy

Bowls of assorted Christmas candy are also available! But Blythe would like to remind you that eating only one of each does not make your stomach hurt any less.

Shop Updates

Autumn Leaves

Mini Blythe with a Maple LeafWhen I first turned my calendar over to October, the leaves on the trees were still green. And for a few weeks after that, they stayed that way. However, the weather didn’t waste any time in changing and sent in lots of rain and wind storms. I began to worry that we wouldn’t get any fall color this year and instead, the leaves would just turn brown and fall off into gross, mushy piles on the ground. Which happens sometimes when you live in the pacific northwest. It’s so disappointing.

Oh, but what joy for the sunshine this week! Fall leaves are pretty, but they look even more amazing when the light shimmers through them. This is what the walk to the mailbox looks like now.  I couldn’t resist getting Blythe to pose with a maple leaf.

Mini Blythe tosses leaves in the park.And then I couldn’t resist posing Blythe with even more leaves.

Mini Blythe Enjoying a Cherry Tart

Finally, after all that fun, I brought Blythe inside to enjoy a cherry tart and a cup of hot chocolate. These Pumpkin, Apple & Cherry Tarts are also the new offering in the shop this week.  They’d work great for fall and also holiday displays. I really made myself hungry making these. I’m craving cinnamon and apples and I will have to go bake a real pie very soon.


Shop Updates

Shop Update – Something for Barbie

Most of the things in my shop tend toward the 1:12 dollhouse size but I’m also a bit loose with scale so some things can also work for larger dolls. However, I decided to make a few things with Barbie and the other 1:6 dolls in mind.


Pink Rainbow Cake Slices and Pink & White Cupcakes are the new additions to the shop this week. Both come with an easy to carry, polka-dot box, because sometimes, those big, square bakery boxes can be so cumbersome, especially when they get in front of your face and you can’t see where you’re going. That’s why the dollhouse bakery has started offering a special takeaway box with a handle on select items. Barbie can comfortably hold it in one hand. It makes it so much easier to bring cake to friends now.

Shop Updates

Harvest Festival in Miniature

Harvest Festival in Miniature

The Dollhouse Farmstand Hosts the Miniature Harvest Fair


The mini Blythe friends visit the harvest festival, hosted by the dollhouse farm stand. The farm stand is where the dollhouse bakery gets all its fresh produce and herbs for its delicious desserts.


Miniature Fall Harvest Festival

Miniature fall table with cookies and cupcakes


Cinnamon sugar donuts and giant soft pretzels are available at the food stalls, but festive cookies and cupcakes, complements of the bakery, are also hard to resist.



The mini Blythe friends have some fun at the harvest festival in 1:12 scale.

Miniature Wagon with Pumpkins and Corn


Take a picture at the photo booth or find an unused wagon to stir up some fun. This one wasn’t exactly “not-in-use” but how can a wagon be only for decoration? It must be played with!


The mini Blythe friends have some fun at the miniature harvest festival in 1:12 scale.

It’s been a lot of fun, but before the day is done, you can visit the harvest festival for yourself and bring home a box of donuts or some pretzels to share. Festival fare can be found at my Etsy shop while the season or quantities lasts.

Happy Fall!


Shop Updates

Shop Update – Autumn 2017

Fall is certainly drawing near with the edges of the leaves just starting to color and the crispness in the air. It puts me in the mood to start baking again. Real food, that is. But first I had to tend to the dollhouse and make sure they were not want for any autumn treats. The following are the new additions to my Etsy shop.

Miniature Cupcakes

Miniature Pumpkin Cookies

Miniature Sugar Donuts

Miniature Pretzels

Miniature Pies

Miniature Indian Corn

Miniature Pumpkins

Shop Updates

The Dollhouse Bakery Reopened!

Doll emerges from the dollhouse bakery with a cupcake.The Dollhouse bakery has reopened for business!

It’s been awhile but I’m happy to start making miniatures again. The first batch of items has just made it to Etsy with more coming soon. Even if you’re not interested in buying, I hope you still enjoy the pictures. I try to make them pretty.

miniature dessert cake sets

Right now I’m loving my Littlest Pet Shop Blythe doll. She’ll probably be popping up in a lot more photos for awhile. She has a friend, but she’s always perpetually dressed for winter. I had planned to sew her a pretty summer dress but now it’s almost fall and her red jacket will go nicely with the October harvest shoot I’m planning. The only thing is she has ice skates for shoes… not sure what to do about that yet.

Littlest pet shop Blythe holding a chocolate tart. Miniature cakes. Miniature Donuts.

I’m going to try to keep this blog updated with shop news and pretty pictures, so please stop by the Dainty House again! You’re welcome anytime.